Derisking instead of decoupling?

When two quarrel, the third is happy. Unfortunately, this well-known saying is not at all true when it comes to the drifting apart of the world’s two leading economies, the USA and China. The two economic superpowers have moved ever closer together over the decades, but for the past few years this has come to an end. Punitive tariffs, sanctions, mutual denial of market access, decoupling of research and development – the list is not exhaustive and it all comes under one common keyword: decoupling.

Companies in Germany and many other countries are in a quandary, facing growing compliance and regulatory requirements in geopolitical terms. In addition to compliance with sanctions regulations and the setting of new standards, this also includes extended requirements with regard to human rights from the Supply Chain Act. Companies operating internationally must act and respond to geopolitical risks with a corporate resilience strategy. We support you and your organization with our expertise and knowledge.

Consulting focus

  • Geopolitical risk analysis with focus on critical technologies

  • Development of a customized, efficient corporate resilience strategy

  • Making structures more flexible and setting up a task force

  • Exit strategies for a (partial) withdrawal

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09.11.2023 | KPMG Law Insights

Mantelverordnung: New rules for mineral substitute building materials

On 01.08.2023, a number of laws came into force or were amended with the framework ordinance on the recycling of mineral waste: the ordinances on the introduction of a substitute building materials ordinance, on the revision of the Federal Soil Protection and Contaminated Sites Ordinance and on the amendment of the Landfill and Commercial Waste […]

07.11.2023 | KPMG Law Insights, KPMG Law Insights

GWB amendment: These interventions threaten after sector inquiries

On April 5, 2023, the German government passed the 11th amendment to the Act against Restraints of Competition (GWB), the so-called Competition Enforcement Act. The draft law is a turning point in antitrust law: serious antitrust measures can also be taken against law-abiding companies. The planned Section 32 f GWB-E provides for a new intervention […]

01.11.2023 | KPMG Law Insights

The MoPeG is coming – Here’s how GbRs with real estate should act now

On January 1, 2024, the German Act on the Modernization of Partnership Law (MoPeG) will come into force. Then the civil law partnership (GbR) has legal capacity under certain conditions. The MoPeG also introduces a company register. This has significant implications, especially for real estate limited partnerships. The MoPeG modernizes the law governing partnerships and […]

25.10.2023 | KPMG Law Insights

Podcast series “KPMG Law on air”: Company pension schemes in times of inflation

In times of inflation, both employers and beneficiaries worry about how the devaluation of money will affect company pension plans (bAV). Pension commitments are generally the most long-term obligations of a company and usually involve a significant financial volume. At the same time, for employees they are an essential part of their compensation, which secures […]

19.10.2023 | KPMG Law Insights

The AI Act is coming: EU wants to get a grip on AI risks

For many people, artificial intelligence (AI) is the great hope for business, healthcare and science. But there are also plenty of critics who fear the risks of AI and call for rules. With the AI Act, the EU Commission now wants to regulate artificial intelligence for the European region and thus get the greatest risks […]

18.10.2023 | KPMG Law Insights

EU third country subsidy regulation: This applies to M&A transactions

Since October 12, 2023, companies have new reporting requirements. The European Commission has armed the EU Third Country Subsidies Regulation (DSVO). State aid law already prohibits EU member states from granting preferential treatment to individual companies, thereby giving them a potential competitive advantage. The goal: free and undistorted competition on the European internal market. With […]

17.10.2023 | KPMG Law Insights

Digital Services Act: Amazon achieves partial success before the ECJ

For the time being, Amazon is not required to disclose an advertising directory with detailed information on advertising activities. This was decided by the Court of Justice of the European Union (CFI). Amazon had applied for a suspension of enforcement of obligations arising from its classification as a very large online platform under the Digital […]


Guest article in the ESGZ on the topic of climate lawsuits

Around the world, citizens and non-governmental organizations are filing more and more lawsuits against governments and companies. More and more often, the courts are agreeing with them, as was recently the case in the U.S. state of Montana, giving a foretaste of the increasing risk of lawsuits for companies. KPMG Law experts Isabelle Knoche and […]


Guest article by Anne-Kathrin Gillig in the Legal Tech Directory

The topics of sustainability and ESG are becoming increasingly important in corporate activity. This is accompanied by a sharp increase in regulatory density. This poses new challenges not only for business managers, but also for legal departments in particular, and requires a realignment of their tasks, says Anne-Kathrin Gillig, Partner at KPMG Law in the […]

11.10.2023 | KPMG Law Insights

CSRD and ESRS: These are the to-dos for HR and labor law

The majority of large companies are probably currently preparing for an important innovation: sustainability reporting in accordance with the CSRD. HR and labor law are also affected. This is because the report not only includes information on environmental issues, but also a great deal of information about employees. The Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) was […]

Here you will find further articles by our KPMG Law Expert:in on current decoupling topics on KPMG Klardenker, the blog of our cooperation partner KPMG AG Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft:
| Anne-Kathrin Gillig, Dr. Stefan Wilhelm Suchan

Here's how decoupling affects compliance management

Why companies should keep a constant eye on geopolitical risks.

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