Life Sciences & Chemicals

Life Sciences and Chemistry. Taking a holistic view of the future.

A rapidly changing environment constantly presents life sciences and chemical companies with new challenges, including legal ones. Particularly as a result of the Covid 19 pandemic, companies will be forced to become much more agile, digital and connected in the future.

Digitization, with its new opportunities, will significantly shape the future of the life sciences industry in the areas of virtual communication, technological innovation, and data-driven analytics. In addition, society’s health awareness continues to increase, which is why the life sciences industry must adapt to new customer needs as well as ongoing digitalization by implementing agile business models.

As a supplier and solution provider to many industries, the chemical sector represents a key industry. Here, too, the aim is to further improve customer relationships through attractive services, to enable advanced solutions with innovative products, and to establish new sales channels. Adaptation to technological progress and the use of innovative technologies are becoming an even greater focus.

Consulting focus

  • Compliance, Internal Investigations

    We advise management on organizing and enforcing law in the company in such a way that corporate and management liability can be avoided. We support companies in setting up and expanding their compliance management and accompany them in their compliance operations – with our international KPMG compliance network also worldwide in all relevant compliance fields. For example, product compliance is becoming increasingly important, especially in the biomedical industry, for example in the form of the implementation of legal requirements or standards within the company. From relevance and risk analysis to whistleblower systems and case management, business partner audits or compliance audits to compliance organization consulting: Our consulting spectrum covers strategic governance consulting as well as the clarification of individual legal issues in an international context or the processing of violations through internal company investigations.

  • Digital Health

    Digitization is of enormous importance in the life sciences sector and enables the rapid and in-depth analysis of ever larger and more complex data volumes. AI- or Big Data-supported diagnoses, therapies and new development processes offer great opportunities and will shape the life sciences sector in the future. Legislators have also recognized how fundamental digitization is in the healthcare and life sciences sector and, with the Digital Care Act, have created the first legal framework for selling digital products as healthcare applications or even remedies. Our experts advise you on all legal issues related to digital health and support you in the development and marketing of digital products and solutions such as health apps.

  • Digital transformation

    Companies and their legal departments in the life sciences sector face major challenges. Whether on a national or international level, the requirements of legislators are constantly increasing. At the same time, technological progress, the opening up of new markets and the megatrend of digitalization mean that the legal steps to be taken into account within a company are becoming increasingly complex and extensive. So-called LegalTech solutions, i.e. legal solution approaches on a digital basis, can help to automate certain activities. As a result, the algorithm takes care of simple processes, giving you the time and capacity to deal with complex legal issues.

  • ESG - Environment, Social, Governance

    Sustainability and social responsibility as a corporate strategy – the relevance of consulting in the field of environment, social, governance (ESG) is increasing, especially in the life sciences sector. Numerous legislative initiatives and a supreme court decision make ESG a highly topical issue in politics and business. Companies should take greater responsibility for their actions. Sustainable business practices also determine the competitiveness of companies, as sustainability is increasingly becoming an exclusion criterion for business partners, customers and potential investors. At KPMG Law, we advise and support you in developing a sustainable corporate strategy from an ESG perspective.

  • IP Law

    We provide comprehensive legal advice on the acquisition, protection and use of intellectual property (IP) assets. This includes the identification of IP assets, the development of technology and IP asset strategies, as well as advice on IP transactions and the contribution of IP and its development in the context of joint ventures. We develop strategies for using, securing and exploiting technology and IP assets – including the (re-)structuring of licensing systems. We also take care of the administrative IP management for you, including the complete administration and maintenance of your IP assets. This also includes national and international IP applications and renewals, deadline monitoring, collision monitoring and communication with authorities. Our range of activities also includes advice on all IP law issues, in particular with regard to the avoidance of possible IP infringements through the use of new technologies or the market entry with new products (keyword IP compliance).

  • Law of the health care industry

    With a share of about 11 percent of the gross domestic product, the healthcare industry is an important sector of the economy that is largely subject to government regulation. Public and private hospitals, health insurance companies, rehabilitation and care facilities, as well as manufacturers of medical devices, are therefore often faced with complex issues involving legal, tax, business management and strategic issues. Regulatory guidelines must be taken into account not only in operations, but also in transactions, PPP and outsourcing projects, for example. We accompany you every step of the way and make sure that your project is implemented in compliance with health law.

  • Criminal tax law and criminal economic law

    We support you both in advance in the avoidance of risks in criminal tax law and commercial criminal law as well as in the analysis and resolution of conflict situations under tax law (tax disputes). In criminal and misdemeanor proceedings, we take on the defense of natural persons – especially executives – as well as the representation of corporate interests in both criminal tax law and criminal business law.

  • Transactions

    At KPMG Law, we have extensive experience in providing legal advice to domestic and foreign clients on the purchase and sale of companies and investments in the life sciences sector. We pursue an integrated consulting approach by assembling cross-jurisdictional teams, depending on the specific requirements. We also regularly take into account regulatory, tax and accounting aspects. Particularly in the case of cross-border transactions, our integration into the international network of our colleagues at KPMG AG Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft ensures rapid access to the necessary personnel resources.

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