Protecting Value – The Intellectual Property Report of KPMG Law 2020/21

In light of today’s fast-changing and complex business environment, innovative ideas are of increasing advantage for competitive businesses. Intellectual property is therefore of incredible value in order to maintain a thriving business. Hence, it is crucial to consider best practices of daily challenges such as staffing, cost reduction and outsourcing practices when it comes to the organization of your IP department. KPMG Law recognizes the importance of determining current trends and KPIs within IP departments and launches “Protecting value – the KPMG Law Intellectual Property Report” in the first half of 2020. This global benchmarking initiative will provide valuable insights into the most crucial aspects of managing an efficient and modern IP department. Questions regarding the organization of the IP work, activities in the IP department, cooperation with law firms and current developments and trends in the IP department will be evaluated. This tool will allow you to benchmark your organization in relation to other survey participants on numerous aspects of the IP department. Furthermore, this can help determine future strategies, as well as enable you to adjust organizations and processes in the most efficient manner. The unique questionnaire was developed in cooperation with an advisory board of 14 IP experts from renowned companies to ensure the relevance and reliability of the results.

Interested? Take part in the survey now by downloading our online template and sending it back to Andreas Bong via e-mail by 31.August 2021.


Andreas Bong

Co-Head Legal Process & Technology
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