KPMG Law meets Future

Trend-based perspective on future legal issues

Get inspired by our podcast series “KPMG Law meets Future – trend-based perspective on future legal issues”. In the 10-15 minute episodes, experts from KPMG Law and the future consulting firm Z_punkt GmbH will give you a brief foretaste of the world in 2030, 2040 and 2050 and what it might look like then. Have fun listening.

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  • #1 What can you know about the future?

    How will our world have changed in 2030, 2040 or 2050? What innovations do futurologists expect in connection with artificial intelligence, and what legal issues will this raise? Andreas Neef, Managing Partner of the futurology consultancy Z_punkt and Dr. Konstantin von Busekist, Managing Partner of KPMG Law talk about the most important future trends and the significance of futurology for legal advice.

  • #2 What will the "New Normal" look like in the future?

    How is society changing and how fast? What impact will demographic change have on people themselves, on their health, on where they live, on mobility and the world of work, and thus also on the economy and the legal system? New freedoms raise new legal questions. Andreas Neef, Managing Partner of Z_punkt, and Dr. Moritz Püstow, Partner at KPMG Law, will illustrate what social change means for individuals and how lifestyles and the living environment of society may change in the future.

  • #3 What impact will technology have in the future?

    Technologies are becoming more and more autonomous. The virtual and real worlds are mixing more and more. How do we as a society want to deal with this change and what legal issues do the new technologies raise? Philipp Glock, a partner at KPMG Law, has a feel for trends and developments and wants to offer clients legal solutions at an early stage. Dr. Anna-Kristine Wipper, also a partner at KPMG Law, outlines what legal problems the Metaverse entails. KPMG Law experts discuss the future of technology with Foresight Director Sivert von Saldern from Z_punkt.

  • #4 What will the economy look like in 10-20 years?

    How will the economy change? According to Foresight Director Kai Jannek of Z_punkt, growth of 30% is expected over the next ten years. Industry 4.0 with business models such as predictive retailing will then presumably be standard. China’s increasing dominance will also shape the global economy. KPMG Law partners Dr. Christine Heeg-Weimann and Dr. Anna-Kristine Wipper explain the many legal problems that can arise from this.

  • #5 Environment and sustainability in politics in 2030

    Climate neutrality is arguably the greatest transformational task in human history. The ecological challenges will lead to massive upheavals in the industry, explains Holger Glockner, Managing Partner of Z_punkt. At the same time, however, many new business models can emerge. Dr. Moritz Püstow, Partner at KPMG Law, believes that the dimension of change is still underestimated and that the upheavals ahead could be much more profound than previously thought.

  • #6 How will politics and government change by 2030?

    What political decisions will companies have to prepare for in the coming years? According to Dr. Konstantin von Busekist, Managing Partner of KPMG Law, government regulations are already having a strong impact on the internal organization of companies. He expects the margins for business to become even tighter in the future. Holger Glocker, Managing Partner of Z_punkt, sees another development: New forms of participation are joining the activities of the parties and influencing politics. He believes it is possible that a new regulatory logic will emerge and centers of power will shift.

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