Foreign Trade Law & Export Control

Practice-orientated consultancy services regarding the development of made-to-measure internal company test systems for export control.

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Anne-Kathrin Gillig
Senior Manager

About Foreign Trade Law & Export Control

Germany is the world’s leading exporter. German companies supply markets around the globe with their goods. For each shipment crossing the German border, all kinds of regulations from foreign trade law must be observed and export permits are required in most cases. These regulations are amended and revised at short intervals. At the same time, not only German and European regulations are relevant, but also US legislation with sometimes differing permissibility requirements for the export of goods. Law-compliant export activities are therefore complex and risk-prone: Failure to comply with foreign trade regulations can result in lengthy imprisonment and fines of up to EUR 1 million for executives and employees of companies.

Key consulting areas

Our advice on foreign trade law is practice-orientated: We advise companies on the development of internal export control audit systems in line with the specific corporate structure. We check existing systems for practicability and support our clients in implementing any additional measures that may be necessary.
We not only observe German and European export regulations, but also consider other legal regulations that may be applicable (US export control law). Thanks to our international network of specialists in foreign trade law, we can advise companies with subsidiaries abroad on foreign trade law issues of the respective jurisdiction. We have expertise in integrating different national legal requirements in order to establish a uniform, practicable export control system within internationally active companies.
We draw up compliance policy in foreign trade law, support clients in adhering to compliance requirements and implementing internal export control measures (procedures, policies and training). We attach particular importance to the pragmatic integration and use of IT systems in the execution of export transactions.


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