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How companies can reduce risks associated with the use of external staff while acting in compliance with the law

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External staff: Added value or risk?

Does your company depend on short-term manpower support in times of dynamic business? Do you employ temporary workers, self-employed persons or persons from service providers or suppliers? More and more companies resort to external manpower as a strategic concept for balancing workload peaks, implementing a more flexible cost structure and closing competence gaps. Typical examples include a company’s internal IT function, logistics workers as well as sales and facility management. The result: Companies are in a more flexible position to respond to dynamic economic trends and to improve their chances of succeeding against competitors.

With the tightening of the Law on Temporary Employment (AÜG, Gesetz zur Regelung der Arbeitnehmerüberlassung) and other laws as of 1 April 2017, even more restrictive rules will apply in the future which companies must observe for the rule-compliant employment of external staff.

KPMG Law would be pleased to support you in setting up your external staff management function in a future-enabled, law-compliant and sustainable manner. This also includes precise contract design as well as support during the introduction of continuous monitoring and evaluation processes with regard to the services provided.

KPMG AG Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft can also support you during the implementation of strategic purchasing and personnel planning as well as the introduction of a software tool for controlling and monitoring the employment of external staff.

In the past, many companies have reported problems due to processes, a lack of governance or a lack of transparency. The new legal situation provides for much harsher consequences, affecting not just company management and the Executive Board personally, but also downstream levels, such as the heads of individual departments. So, it’s high time to act.

Three steps to success

In a three-step process, we analyse together with you the status quo of your external staff employment model, develop a risk profile and the resulting package of measures and support you during implementation. In this way, we strengthen the strategic added value of your external staff employment and support you to secure the value of your company.

Just contact us – we will be pleased to assist you.


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