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In criminal and administrative offence proceedings, we defend individuals and represent the interests of companies in the defence of investigations under business law in relation to authorities and in court.

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Dr. Heiko Hoffmann
Location Manager Munich

About Business Law

The legislator increasingly intervenes in the processes of economic life – criminal law has long since become an instrument of economic policy. Against this background, legislation is increasingly expanding to include not just offences committed with ‘success’ but also offences involving potentially threatening acts, so that there is an increasing tendency in jurisprudence towards more severe rulings.

Investigating authorities, public prosecutor’s offices and courts are more than ever before eager to prosecute unlawful behaviour in business life. Many public prosecutors’ offices throughout Germany are now specialising in white-collar crime and also cooperate with specialists from state criminal investigation offices and other authorities.

Criminal defence and consultancy services in the area of business law hence require extensive specialist knowledge in all areas of business law and business life. In this context, KPMG can draw on a (global) network of specialists from all areas of corporate and tax law – also in conjunction with KPMG AG Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft – in order to set up a seasoned and effective team for every defence case. We advise and represent companies as well as individuals, in particular, executives.

Key consulting areas


  • Defence of companies
  • Defence of individuals
  • Crisis intervention (search/confiscation/investigation)
  • Internal investigations and run-up consultancy in criminal cases

Fields of criminal law:

  • General business law
  • Labour
  • Foreign trade/customs
  • Accounting
  • Insolvency
  • Capital markets/banks
  • Anti-corruption
  • Product liability
  • Environmental
  • Competition


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